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We never realize how much we rely on electrical power until we have to go without it. Rented generators can offer a source of power at those times. In fact, many situations call for the use of rented generators for supplying power.

Pulsar Energia offers diesel generators in a variety of sizes and many power ratings.

We can provide power for:

Constructions » New construction sites often have no power. Rented generators provide electrical power for tools, lighting and other equipment as well as on-site mobile offices.

Special events» Lighting, air conditioning, heating and other equipment needed for tented events, all rely on rented generators for power.

Emergencies» Rented generators of all sizes keep everything - from equipment at an industrial manufacturing plant to heat-sensitive computers at a business office to refrigerators and lighting at a residence - running during a power outage.

Entertainment applications» Movie, television and outdoor production companies rent generators to supply quiet power for running needed equipment.

» Shows » Parties » Concerts » TV & Movie Productions
» Stadiums » Hospitals » Sport events » Corporate events


Short term rentals:

  • - Permanent technical support during the entire rental period;
  • - Distribution Box;
  • - Cable-guard*;
  • - Flexible cables*;
  • - Diesel*

* some restrictions apply

Long term rentals:

In many cases, it is necessary to rent a generator for longer periods and for each case we will consider the best option. Contact us and request an assessment of your needs.

Operations at peak hours:
In Brazil, peak time is considered the period of use of 3 consecutive hours between 5pm and 10pm, when a significant energy bill surcharge occurs. For many consumer segments of electrical energy, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, industries, hotels and condominiums, it appears that the use of electric power generators brings a 30% savings on monthly energy bills. Ask Pulsar Energia for a profile analysis of monthly consumption and demand for peak hours.

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